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Official Website of Phantom the Dog

Join Phantom's campaign to save pets around the world from abandonment!

There are literally millions of dogs in the United States awaiting adoption or to be rescue from abandonment. Some shelter dogs were neglected or abandoned, some abused, some just didn't match well with their first family.  Many of the dogs in shelters right now may be euthanized if they are not adopted soon. Most of these dogs will make wonderful pets, they just need an owner who can see their true potential and unleash the love and loyalty inside them.

Phantom encourages you to support your local shelters and rescue organizations by volunteering,  making a financial donation or by adopting a dog in need of a loving home.

The websites below may help you in your search to find a shelter in your area. Phantom, her new family members, and the developers of this website do not endorse or take responsibility for companies, organizations or sites to which this site may link, including but not limited to availability of sites, contents, advertising, products, goods, services or other materials made available through these sites.

Amanda Foundation  amandafoundation.org
American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals change.org/aspca

Animal Adoption Center  adoptioncenter.org
Animal Advocates Alliance  
Animal Avengers  
Bill Foundation  
Lange Foundation  www.
Much Love Animal Rescue  
New Leash on Life  
Orphan Pet Oasis  
Perfect Pet Rescue  
People for Pets, located in Spencer

Pet Finder  petfinder.com

Tuckerís Way Rescue (Rock Hill, SC) www.tuckersway.org

Phantom's story is one of courage, bravery and survival during one of the worst winter's on record. 

This dog is proof of the great gift rescued animals can be to the world.  In her new family, dogs are celebrated!

Phantom's recovery from her year long ordeal in the wild is based on building a relationship in her new family via morning walks, playful exercise, clear communication, respect, and lots of love.

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