Meet Phantom, the abandoned dog left to the mercy of the elements near Spencer, Iowa

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Join Phantom's campaign to save pets around the world from abandonment!  Learn about the joys of being a Foster Parent to a shelter dog!

The Joy of Being a Dog's Foster Parent

One of the most satisfying roles I've had as an animal activist is that of a foster parent for dogs.  Not all dogs surrendered to a shelter are instantly ready for adoption.  Some need to be socialized and learn how to get along with children, or other dogs, and be taught just what life in a home is like.

This difficult economy has caused adoptions at the shelters to drop, while the number of abandoned and surrendered pets has risen.  Workshop and seminars on Fostering Shelter DogsFostering dogs can be an enjoyable way to help one shelter dog at a time while the shelter, and you, attempt to find the animal a loving forever home.

While many foster parent claim they do not get too attached, I know I always find that I end-up with a great affection for the animals placed in my care. But, I do understand that as much as I may adore an animal, the goal is to prepare the dog for adoption.

Several years ago, I fostered and trained a Black Lab named Kaylee for People for Pets. She was one of their worst pets, so I fostered her and took her to Heartland Kennels, just west of Fostoria, for obedience training.  Before the training was complete, the Director of People for Pets called heartland kennels to see how it was going and when Suzie told her that Kaylee was the best dog in the class, Director Donna pulled her from training and foster care to send her up to Minneapolis, MN to be immediately adopted.  All my efforts with Kaylee paid off for both of us, even if the work was sometimes exhausting, hard, frustrating, or emotional, because my overall experience was gloriously rewarding.

Fostering a pet gives them a chance to find a happy, permanent home when they otherwise might not have had that chance. Right now Phantom is helping me with a German Shepherd named Gretchen that was rescued from the ice on the river near Spencer.  Donna, at People for Pets thought Gretchen and Phantom might be very compatible, and she was right!  Gretchen was officially adopted by Lee and his growing family of rescued dogs.

Lee Youde gives workshops all across Iowa on the "Joys of Being a Dog Foster Parent" throughout the year. If you'd like to attend a workshop or would like more information on his programs, click on the link below to send him an email.


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